Hostels become most vulnerable to gadgets theft in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The bachelors’ accommodations are loaded with new technology gadgets and valuables, which is making them a hotbed for thieves to keep an eye on.

Most of these loots take place as the students keep the keys to hostel room in a place near the rooms, in order to make it convenient for the inmates to enter in their absence. Of all the places, the doormats and shoe racks are the favourite places for hiding the keys. This reason makes the theft easier.

As per a report by DC, Nitturi Snehith Raj from Peddapalli district, who was staying in a hostel and was working as a laptop technician, observed the key hidings during his stay at the hostel. He would steal gadgets and valuables from their rooms, Snehith Raj is currently locked in the jail.

Taking advantage of their earlier stay in hostels, thieves enter the locked rooms and decamp valuables, said the police.

“Since they had stayed in the hostel, the guards do not suspect them. Others enter the hostel under the pretext of meeting a friend or getting admission in the hostel,” a senior police official said.

“In some cases, the inmates sleep leaving the doors open. This is dangerous,” another official added.

Hostels have also become a hiding place for anti-social elements. Two years ago, Shiva Kumar Reddy, robbed a woman at gunpoint at an ATM in SR Nagar and took shelter in a private hostel from where he was arrested.