Hospital negligence: 20-year-old pregnant woman dies after falling off wheelchair

Siliguri ( West Bengal): A 20-year-old pregnant woman reportedly died after she fell off a wheelchair at North Bengal Medical College and Hospital near here on Friday.

After the incident, residents of Matigara village launched a protest against the incident.

They alleged that the woman died due to negligence of the hospital authority.

According to reports, Madhabi Sharma, the pregnant woman, was admitted at the hospital on December 23.



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On the night of December 25, Madhabi started suffering from septicaemia, and was being shifted from general ward to labour room on a wheelchair when she reportedly fell off and died in a few hours.

However, kin of the victim alleged that due to negligence of the hospital authorities their patient had died.

Medical Superintendent and Vice Principle (MSVP) Nirmal Bera said an inquiry committee had been constituted to investigate the matter. (ANI)