Hospital delays Sikh girl’s wish to donate kidney to Muslim friend, here’s why

Hospital delays Sikh girl’s wish to donate kidney to Muslim friend, here’s why

Jammu and Kashmir: A Sikh girl wants to donate one of her kidneys to save the life of her Muslim friend suffering from organ failure, but the procedure is delaying because of objections by her family and a hospital, forcing them to approach the court.

A Sikh social activist from Udhampur area of the Jammu region named
Manjot Singh Kohli (23), has decided to donate one of her kidneys to her Muslim friend Samreen Akhtar (23) who is a resident of Rajouri district.

The social activist said “We have been friends for the past four years and I am emotionally attached to her. Also, it is my strong belief in humanity that is motivating me to donate my kidney.”

Kohli said her friend Akhtar for the past many years has been involved in social activism with her in Jammu. She stated “But, Akhtar never told me about her illness and I came to know through a mutual friend. She has been my friend and supporter in my tough times and I decided to donate a kidney to her when she needs it.”

Samreen Akhtar said “She (Kohli) is an incredible person. I simply want to thank her for her selfless act of love and kindness. She was prompt to contact me and express her willingness to donate her kidney. At first, I did not believe my ears, but when she came to meet me and accompanied me before the authorisation committee, I was overwhelmed. It was really life-changing for me.”

They, however, said doctors at the Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS), Soura here were “delaying” the procedure by creating “unnecessary hurdles”.

Sikh social activist said “The Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) is creating hurdles and delaying the procedure even as the authorisation committee for organ donation has cleared both of us for the transplant procedure. I do not know why we are being pushed to the wall by doctors and administration at SKIMS, Soura.”

Dr Omar Shah who is the Director at SKIMS said the committee is looking into the issue and they would decide on it immediately. He stated “We will do whatever best we can. The authorisation committee has informed me that there are legalities involved and they need some more papers before they take a decision on the matter.”

Activist Kohli said while she thinks the SKIMS might be worried about the procedure because of the donor belonging to a different religion, her family also has sent a notice to the hospital, saying there was no family consent.

She stated “My family has sent a notice to the SKIMS and may never give the consent. But, I am a major and can take decisions for myself. I am legally eligible to donate and I do not need the family’s consent.”

She stated they would approach the court to seek a direction to SKIMS to perform the procedure without any further delay.

“I have consulted a lawyer friend and we will go to court tomorrow (Saturday). There are court directions from previous cases and we hope to get a favourable judgement,” she added.