Horticulture expo at People’s plaza: Get variety plants under one roof

Hyderabad: One can get a wide range of exotic plants, cactus succulents, bonsai, adenium, indoor and outdoor, high-quality fruits and flower-bearing, medicinal and oxygen purifying plants under one roof. The five-day Horticulture and Agriculture show and grand mela at People’s Plaza, Tank Bund began on Thursday.

The exhibition was inaugurated by finance minister Harish Rao. Over 4,000 people are expected to attend on the first day alone.

The event has over 130 eye catchy stalls. This time the exhibition housed a new concept called –Hydroponic, that is growing plants in water pipes with no soil and artificial lighting. A manager of a stall in the expo said: “This new concept is preferred by a lot of people living in apartments and in these COVID times, green leafy vegetables are high in demand.”

Khalid Ahmed, the organizer of the exhibition said, “I have taken up this initiative to aid the rural planters and also, enthusiasts get to see and purchase a huge variety under one roof.”

He further said that because of lockdown, balcony and trace farming was been taken up by many.

Plant lovers can also get organic stuff including organic manure, fertilizer, insecticides and pesticides, ceramic and fibre planter stands, high-quality seeds, bulbs, tools and equipment Indian and imported. The plant prices range from Rs 20 to Rs 1.5 lakhs also. The most expensive ones are old bonsai, which were first made in China and are an artificial creation of natural tree structures in a dwarf form.

This year it’s not just about different species of plants but is also about diverse plant setups like the vertical garden, terrace garden, kitchen garden, balcony garden, home garden and a variety of designed pots.

The exhibition also has stalls exclusively for medicinal plants like the Radha Kamal Nursery, Balkampet, Akba and many more which has plants like ‘ Kala Jamun’ fruit plant for diabetes,

 ‘Stevia’ leaves for mental peace and also Sky fruit for diabetes.

The exhibition has stalls from all over India including Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Darjeeling and also from Medak district, Nagole and Sangareddy.