Horrible shelter home: Minor girls given injections to attain puberty, women’s commission slam police

New Delhi: Ten minor girls of a shelter home alleged that police assaulted them for protesting against giving them unidentified injections. This shelter home accommodates girls who escaped rape or saved from brothel houses. It is a rehabilitation center for such victims. Two girls alleged that the officials of the shelter home located in New Delhi behaved them immorally. When they alleged that a member of the staff harmed them, they were kept hungry for two days. The girls also alleged that the officials are giving such injections by which they are attaining puberty before the natural age. They find physical changes in their bodies. Police got the medical examinations of the girls done after which the officials fled away.

This horrible story came to limelight when one girl approached Human Rights Commission alleging that she was physically assaulted. She sent a letter to Legal Cell Authority of Delhi. After this letter, 9 more girls made similar complaints. The legal authority alerted Women’s Commission of Delhi. The chairperson of Women’s Commission, Ms. Swati Maliwal inspected the shelter home on 8th April and wrote a letter to Commissioner of Police, Delhi, Mr. Amulya Patnaik. Ms. Maliwal in her complaint alleged that the officials locked the door of the shelter home and she was not allowed to enter. When she went to the shelter home for the second time, the girls complained that they are not being given nutritious food and also no suitable clothes.