I hope he gives a clarification: Arbaaz on Salman’s ‘rape’ statement

Mumbai: Actor Arbaaz Khan says that he hopes his superstar brother Salman Khan gives a clarification on his ‘raped woman’ statement due to his massive fan following.

“There is no doubt that in what Salman said, the intention was not bad. Sometimes you say something out of context but your intention is not bad. But if you become oversensitive over it then you can create a controversy out of anything,” Arbaaz said.

“I am sure that Salman must have realised that the comparison he made was not appropriate and for that, if he feels that he needs to apologise, he will apologise. I don’t think I am entitled to say that he has to apologise or not,” Arbaaz said at the logo launch of his film “Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai”.

Salman, in an interview, said that he felt like a “raped woman” walking out of a ring in his role as a wrestler in his upcoming film “Sultan”. He later said, “I don’t think I should have” and explained that he found it hard to walk.

“I hope that he would give a clarification as a controversy has been created. People look up to him and he has a lot of following. So if he has made a statement that does not look appropriate or does not sound good to the ears, I think in time he will give a statement,” Arbaaz said.

Salman’s father, famous film writer Salim Khan, apologised on Salman’s behalf in a series of tweets terming the “simile, example, context” wrong but “intention right”.

About their father’s apology, Arbaaz said: “Every time someone apologises it does not mean that they are genuinely sorry. Sometimes you apologise because you have hurt someone’s sentiments and said something inappropriate.”