Hop-on Rapid Metro to meet your ‘poetic avatar’

New Delhi: If poems and couplets evoke emotions in you then get ready to experience a fascinating Metro ride as Rapid Metro, Gurgaon, has now launched ‘Poetry Express’ for art lovers.
Revamping the usual-mundane travel experience in Metro, Rapid Metro’s Poetry Express in a first-of-its-kind initiative takes you on a literary journey amidst the hustle-bustle of Gurgaon.

The train was launched on Sunday in association with Poets’ Collective, a group of poets and poetry enthusiasts and the Youth for Heritage Foundation.

An entire coach of the Rapid Metro was reserved for the occasion and the central area of the coach was converted into a platform from where poets recited their words.

Poets’ Collective founder Saumya Kulshrestha told ANI in an exclusive conversation that she felt extremely overwhelmed to be invited to hold the first ever session.

She said, “Rapid Metro has been doing such events, which add to the cultural life of the city. Youth for Heritage Foundation has been working in the field of heritage activism since long and poetry has been the oldest heritage of our country. I feel privileged that our Poets’ Collective was given the honor to be the first performer here. We are aiming to bring culture amidst the technological hub.”

Divyaksh Vashishth, a daily Metro commuter, said this idea is perfect as it would not only entertain but also inform those on-board about the art form.

The poet recitals were in different languages along with some explanation in order to elucidate the people, who were unfamiliar to the language.

In the recent time, Gurgaon has become the hub for entertainment and has been doing events on regular basis to keep people in touch with their culture.

With cultural event Rahagiri already keeping up the hype and Rapid Metro opening its door for leisure purpose, seems like the boundaries of entertainment are being redefined in Gurgaon.

Previously, Rapid Metro Gurgaon had launched Joy Express.

The Discovery Kids Joy Express is another unique initiative and an experiential learning opportunity for children over the weekends.

Birthday on Wheels is yet another concept started by Rapid Metro. It has been widely praised by the commuters. Many young commuters look forward to celebrating their special day with Rapid Metro by booking an entire train for a day to remember. (ANI)