Honour Killing: Watch woman recorded video before being murdered

Hathras: A Muslim woman has allegedly murdered by her father and brothers in Sikandrarau area of Hathras district.

The deceased identified as 26-year-old Soni was murdered just days after a video made by her, reportedly in a train washroom, predicting that her family planned her murder.

In the video, the girl could be seen telling, “My family want to kill me, I want to marry Imran, but my family is taking me away to our village. My father and my brother want to kill me,” says the woman named Soni in the video. The footage seems to have been shot inside the bathroom of a moving train on a mobile camera.

“My life is in danger, if something happens to me, then these people will be responsible for my death,” she adds.

Soni had been living in Mumbai from the last few years is in love with Imran and wanted to marry him but her family was against her relationship killed her when she reaches Sikandrarau.

Without even informing their neighbours and relatives, Soni’s parents buried her immediately, said sources.

YouTube video

An FIR was lodged against the woman’s family only after the video went viral on social media.

By the time the Uttar Pradesh police reached Soni’s village on August 19, she was already dead under mysterious circumstances.

As per Hathras district magistrate order, the body of Soni was exhumed and has been sent for postmortem examination on Thursday.

Police are trying to trace the man Imran, who was also from their community. A hunt for the family members has also been launched, all of whom are absconding.