Honorarium to Imams and Muazzins to be released soon: Mahmood Ali

Hyderabad: Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Mahmood Ali issued instruction to officials of Dept. of welfare to release all the arrears of honorarium to be paid to Imams and Muazzins of Masajid within a week. He held a review meeting of the higher officials yesterday. He commissioned Finance Secretary, Mr. Rama Krishna and sought the reasons for delay in issuing Minorities budget. Secretary of Finance Dept. agreed to release Rs. 25 crore by Monday next which would include, autorikshaw scheme, Iftaar party and Urdu Academy.

Mr. Mahmood Ali asked the officials for delay in implementing welfare schemes for minorities. The officials told him that the amounts pertaining to first quarter has not yet been released. He expressed surprise that the employees of Computer centers and library have not been getting their salaries for the past four months. He instructed to Secretary of Minorities Welfare to issue the salaries immediately. The meeting was attended by Mr. Syed Omer Jaleel, IAS, Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare, Mr. B. Shafiullah, MD of Minorities Finance Corporation, Prof. S.A.Shukoor, Director of Urdu Academy, Mr. Mohammed Asadullah, CEO of Wakf Board, Mr. B. Victor, MD of Christian Finance Corporation and Ms. Masuma Begum, Commissioner of Wakfs. He assured that he will talk to CM for the release of budget before the Iftaar Party to be hosted by CM.

The officials told him that the distribution of garments would be started soon.

–Siasat News