Honorarium to Imams – function on 25th April

Hyderabad: There is good news for the Imams and Muazzins of the Masjids. At last, Telangana State Wakf Board has decided to organize a function on 25th April to distribute honorarium to Imams and Muazzins of the Masjid. Siasat Urdu Daily had published a report highlighting the unrest among the Imams and Muazzins for not getting the amounts of honoraria. The efforts of Siasat has been successful.


Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare took a decision in consultation with the officials of Wakf Board to organize a function on 25th April. Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali would distribute the cheques of honorarium to Imams and Muazzins.


It may be mentioned that throughout the state, 8934 applications were submitted out of which 1498 applications from Hyderabad City. According to a statement made by CEO of Wakf Board, Mr. Mohammed Asadullah, scrutiny of 751 applications has already been completed. A cheque for Rs. 9000 would be given to the Imams.


It may be noted that Govt. of Telangana had notified this scheme in July 2015 and Rs. 12 crore was allocated for this purpose. It has been decided to grant honorarium to 5000 Imams and 5000 Muazzins. Each will get Rs. 1000 per month. Due to delay in scrutiny of the applications, Govt. issued instructions to release honorarium with arrears. Earlier, a decision was taken to transfer the amount of honorarium into the bank accounts of the Imams but in the first phase, cheques will be given to them to mark the launch of this scheme. The amounts of honorarium for the remaining applicants would be credited to their bank accounts.



–Siasat News