Honeymoon trip turns disaster, angry husband left wife in return flight from Goa

Patna: In a very odd example set by newly-married angry husband on IndiGo flight. He was so infuriated by an argument with his wife, that he left his wife in the plane and went missing during a stopover at Patna airport.

The wife revealed to curious airline and airport security staff that she had a heated argument with her husband and this is the reason behind his disappearance.

According to Times report, the incident was witnessed in an IndiGo’s Goa-Kolkata-Patna-Lucknow-Delhi flight (6E 633) on Thursday.

The report further said that the couple were travelling in a group of six from Goa to Lucknow when they reportedly had a fight. The husband walked off the aircraft when it was at Patna.

However, the flight take off for Lucknow with the husband. The matter came to light when the airline staff did a headcount of the passengers before taking off for Lucknow. A hunt was launched to trace the missing passenger was all in vain. The man’s mobile phone was also untraceable.