Honey: A saviour in case your kid swallows button batteries

Honey: A saviour in case your kid swallows button batteries

Washington: It is very common that infants and children swallow button batteries which lead to caustic esophageal injuries.

In such cases, honey or Carafate (a cherry-flavoured duodenal ulcer prescription), can help reduce the esophageal damage, a new study by Kris Jatana of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, and colleagues has claimed.

In experiments conducted on cadavers and live animals, both honey and Carafate provided a physical barrier and neutralised the tissue pH increase associated with battery ingestion; they both reduced injury severity compared with other common household liquids, including apple juice, orange juice, sodas, sports drinks, and maple syrup.

“An esophageal button battery can quickly cause significant injury. We have identified protective interventions
for both the household and hospital setting that can reduce injury severity,” said co-principal investigator Jatana.

“Our results will change the practice guidelines for how medical professionals acutely manage button battery ingestion”, concluded Jatana.

The study appears in the journal Laryngoscope. (ANI)