HomePunch goes green on World Environment Day

New Delhi : HomePunch, India’s leading online megastore for home and kitchen appliances celebrated ‘ World Environment Day’ on June 4 in their premises.

With the initiative, the company shut down its operations for one hour on June 4, 2016 to support the cause of energy conservation. As a responsible and environmentally-conscious organisation, HomePunch has undertaken this endeavor to not only enhance sensitivity regarding social change amongst its employees but also to send out a message regarding sustainability to its large and growing customer base.

HomePunch’s initiative aimed at reducing electrical consumption, which directly and indirectly contributed to greenhouse gas emissions. Production of electricity employs the use of fossil fuels, releasing carbon dioxide in the process, which affects the environment adversely. Moreover, electrical appliances generate heat, which gets trapped by carbon dioxide, worsening the situation further. The entrapment of heat by carbon dioxide has a considerable effect on the ecosystem, as it accelerates the melting of ice caps and glaciers which is a pressing international concern.

Mr. Sachin Goel, CEO, HomePunch says, “Today, the world environment is reeling under intense pressure from years of exploitation by man. As India’s leading home and kitchen appliances megastore, our initiative aimed to educate our consumers regarding the responsible use of these appliances. Yes, consumer electronics are an important part of life. However, one must ensure that they are used with a certain degree of environmental consciousness. In order to contribute as much as we can, we decided to shut down our entire corporate apparatus for an hour to cut maximum greenhouse gas emissions, to do our bit in making this world, a better place to live in.”

While neglecting the heat generated by an electrical appliance, 1 kWh of energy consumption results in emission of 0.98 kg of greenhouse gas. The initiative taken by HomePunch saved approx 7.9 kg of greenhouse gases to the air in 1 hour. (ANI)