Homeless to millionaire: Read inspiring story of 37-year-old man

Los Angeles: A man who used to sleep on public park benches and survive by eating burgers is now a millionaire. Currently, he owns 100 flats across the United States and Romania as well as luxury cars.

According to a report published in Mirror, the man, Nick Mocuta who is now aged 37 years has left Romania at the age of 21 years. At that time, he had nothing but 367 Euro which was gifted by his grandmother.

The man moved to the US without being able to speak English. As he had a meagre amount, he was left with no option but to sleep on benches of parks and survive by eating burgers.

Mirror quoted Nick saying that he used to ask for burgers without cheese so that he don’t have to pay extra charges.

In order to survive, he had started doing small jobs. Later, he improved his English and obtained a real estate broker license.

In 2013, he started selling Chinese mobile phones on the eBay website. After getting success on the e-commerce website, he opened multiple stores on various other e-commerce websites including Amazon and Walmart.

Nick who is now a US citizen has not only bought homes for his family but also become a millionaire. His net worth is $40 million.

As he has struggled a lot to reach this position, he has decided to help others. He has opened a mentoring community for this purpose.