Home benefits if women given allowances: Parrikar

Panaji: A home only benefits if women in a household are given money, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Saturday, while explaining his decision to announce a monthly allowance scheme for women in Goa, when he was Chief Minister.

“Money should reach women folk, only then does the home benefits. This doesn’t mean, that money given by men is spent in the wrong places. Normally, if the home is to benefit, then the money has to be given to womenfolk,” Parrikar told a poll rally in Pernem assembly constituency, around 25 km from Panaji.

“If it is given to men, there is a possibility that he may spend it on other things. Therefore Griha Adhar scheme was formulated, so that women can spend the allowance on food, education, etc. We gave importance to that,” Parrikar said.

The Griha Adhar scheme started by the Bharatiya Janata Party-led alliance government in Goa grants an allowance of Rs 1,500 to women housewives enrolled under the scheme.