Holy miracle! Virgin Mary’s lips ‘move’ on painting during prayer

Melbourne, July 23 (ANI): Prayers do have the power to deliver a holy miracle and it has been proved by some parishioners at Sydney’s Saint Charbel’s Church, who claims to have seen the Virgin Mary’s lips moving on the painting.

While attending a service at the Punchbowl church, George Akary said he had witnessed the bizarre moment of Virgin Mary, in which it appears she is moving her lips during prayer, the News.com.au reported.

Sources further continued that, Akary posted the video on Facebook, and has revealed that he had seen the phenomenon a few times but this was the first time he had recorded it.

The man from Wollongong said that he and his mate had witnessed the same thing while they were praying but they decided not to disclose it thinking they would laugh at them.

The video has been viewed and shared close to 30,000 times since being uploaded with viewers sharing their own experiences. (ANI)