Hollande apprises PM Modi of status on climate talks

New Delhi: French President Francois Hollande on Saturday spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi apprising him of the latest status at COP-21 climate talks.

The Prime Minister appreciated the gesture by Hollande as the talks are being held in Paris and the summit has entered into the final stage.

Prime Minister Modi in his address at the COP 21 conference in Paris last month had cautioned against any unilateral steps that will lead to an economic barrier in the battle against climate change and also asked rich nations to cut emissions, share carbon space with developing nations.

Earlier today, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, outlined the final draft agreement of the international accord on global warming at the COP21 in Paris.

Fabius said the accord was historic and urged all delegation present to support the bill.

The motion seeks to restrict global warming to 2C with the goal of bringing this down to 1.5C, in order to protect nation struggling with the effects of global warming and enable sustainable development world-wide.