Hole in heart corrected without surgery

A city hospital here has claimed to have closed the hole in the heart of of a 17-year-old girl from the Phillipines without surgery.

Darylene Serrano was diagnosed with the defective heart in her country and was advised surgery. Initially she was reluctant to come but did so later under “the gift of life Rotary Programme.”

She was brought to Ramakrishna Hospital here, where she was evaluated by Interventional cardiologist Dr S Manoharan, a hospital release said.

Since Darylene did not want to undergo surgery, doctors decided to close the defect by a device. She underwent device closure procedure with a stent like object on August 31, it said.

Manoharan has performed close to 300 device closures for congenital heart defects.

The entire expenses for the procedure was borne by Sai City Rotary Club of Coimbatore with concession from the hospital, since the girl was not financially sound, the release said.