Hoarding installed in graveyard, waqf board should immediately take action

Hyderabad, October 31: Now a days even the places like graveyards have also been commercialized. The culprit is none other than our own irresponsible and apathetic waqf board. There are so many indecent hoardings installed on several graveyards.

Dargah Hazrat Shah Abdul Qauder Soofi (Khanqah raozatul Asfia) also has a film hoarding inside its boundary. The authorities of the dargah should not have given permission for this. This is an old graveyard adjacent to Husain Sagar. The iron poles for installing the hoarding have been erected by digging inside the dargah.

Installing indecent and vulgar posters or hoarding in the graveyard is not only religiously unlawful but also illegal according to marketing law.

It shows the insensibility and commercial mindedness of the waqf board which collects huge amount of money by giving permission to install film hoardings inside graveyard.

This act of waqf board officials is strongly condemnable on which waqf board should pay attention.

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