HMRL to involve artists to beautify Metro Rail structures

As a part of beautification of the Metro Rail structures and premises, senior and budding artists will be involved in creating different forms of art work on Metro Rail structures, stated HMRL MD NVS Reddy on Wednesday.

NVS Reddy elaborated that of the four sides of the Metro Rail pillars, two sides facing the traffic (perpendicular ones) will be for the advertisement boards of L&TMRHL and the remaining two sides which are parallel to traffic will be used for art work and growing vertical gardens.

Generally, every 5th pillar will be used for vertical garden and the remaining pillars and other Metro Rail structures will be used for creation of different forms of art work on them. Different themes reflecting Telangana culture and history, monuments, rockscape and landscape, wildlife, traditional & modern art, abstract & symbolic art, metaphorical & conceptual themes, modern & contemporary style etc., can be chosen by the artists.  The artists can work with different media including cement, mosaic, ceramic, stone, terracotta, scrap, fiberglass, etc.,

NVS Reddy has appealed to the interested and enthusiastic artists and art firms to go through the details regarding the proposed art works on HMRL website and submit their ideas and offers.  Reimbursement of expenditure and reasonable remuneration for the selected artists based on their output   will be given by HMRL, he stated. (INN)