HMRL denies reports on cracks in Metro pillars

The Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited on Saturday denied reports being circulated in some social media groups regarding cracks in Metro Rail pillar at Kukatpally.

HMRL MD N.V.S. Reddy clarified that the news is false and those with vested interests are circulating this type of news with concocted photographs only to malign the project.

NVS Reddy pointed out that viaduct pier shown in social media image appears more like a pillar constructed for a flyover bridge and concreting for that pillar does not seem to have been with proper shuttering. Normally the pillars of a flyover have separate pier caps and the deck slab is with T beam girder. He stated that Metro Rail viaduct deck slab is segmental box type girder which is constructed using the latest and state of the art technology. The pier caps of Hyderabad Metro Rail viaduct are aesthetically built which flare out monolithically into a beautiful structure of high quality.

The HMRL MD appealed to the public not to believe such rumours. He stated that Hyderabad Metro Rail pillars are being built with standard procedures and are of top quality. The pillars, viaduct etc for Hyderabad Metro Rail project are subjected to stringent quality control norms and are regularly monitored by Louis Berger, a US based company which is working as an Independent Engineer for the project