HMDA to e-auction 218 plots to fetch Rs 300 crore

The HMDA has taken a decision to conduct e-auction for sale of 218 plots.

HMDA Commissioner Chiranjeevulu today announced that the plots were located at HMDA gifted lands (87 plots in 12 lay-outs), 141 plots in 19 lay-outs and HMDA was ready for e-auction. He said three-fold increase in price than market price was decided and the department would get approximately Rs.300 crore from the auction.

The last date for submission of applications was April 9 and auction will be held on April 10, he informed. The Commissioner also informed that HMDA will design lay-outs in Uppal Bhagayat and the department will get Rs 700 crore from the sale of plots at Uppal Bhagayat lands. (NSS)