HMDA achieves cent per cent progress in Old LRS

Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) today stated as per the Telangana government’s decision, it has achieved 100 percent progress in old LRS applications.

The HMDA received 59,118 applications in 2007-08 under LPS and 46,705 applications were disposed of by y2013 and 12,413 files were pending since nine years. The HMDA received a total number of applications of Old BRS were 12,083 and processed 12,083 and 3,890 payments were intimated and shortfalls intimated 6743 and 1450 applications were rejected.

The HMDA organized LRS Mela on June 6 to distribute final proceedings to applicants, who made full payment of LRS and NALA charges. There were some 100 odd applicants, who have been informed to participate in the event and take the proceedings. HMDA has also taken about 1,250 Old LRS applications, which have not paid any amount under 2015 scheme for processing as per government’s instructions. (NSS)