HIV+ blood unintentional donated to pregnant woman, donor commits suicide due to guilt

Chennai: In a tragic incident, a youth committed suicide due to the guilt of donating HIV+ blood to a pregnant woman. This incident took place in Tamil Nadu.

According to the report published in Hindustan Times, a 19-year-old youth had consumed poison on Wednesday. He was rushed to the Ramanathapuram General Hospital from where he was shifted to Madurai General. He died at Madurai General Hospital on Sunday.

As per the details, after coming to know that he is infected with HIV, the youth had informed the hospital authorities where he had donated the blood before the confirmation of the infection.

On checking the details, the authorities found that the blood was transfused to a pregnant woman in Sattur General Hospital. When the test was performed on the woman, it was found that she also got infected by the virus. She started her treatment in Madurai Rajaji General Hospital. Measures are also being taken to prevent the newborn from getting infected by the virus.

When the youth got this entire information, he took this extreme step due to the guilt.