Hit me with Chappal if I don’t work, Akula Hanumanth distributes chappal to people

As campaign for December 7 Telangana assembly election picks pace, one candidate has adopted a unique strategy to win over voters, reports news agency ANI.

Akula Hanumanth, an Independent candidate from Koratla, is handing out slippers to voters, asking them to hit him if he fails to deliver on promises after he is elected.

“If I don’t work after winning, you can hit me with the slipper,” he says while handing out slippers.

Hanumanth is up against ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) candidate K Vidya Sagar Rao who has won the Korutla seat three times consecutively.

Elections to 119-member Assembly are scheduled to be held in a single phase while counting would take place on December 11.