`History will judge my actions`: Bush

Former U.S. President George W Bush has said that he does not feel the need to justify himself as history will judge his actions.

According to a report in Politico, Bush has said that his new presidential library that is set to open this week will `lay out facts`, politico reports.

The library makes up for a platform where visitors can listen to virtual advisors and then make decisions that Bush had to make and has a constant reference to critics who debated him to his 2010 memoir, `Decision Points.`

With little interest for debating his side of the story, Bush believes that this library would make people face similar situations as him and decide for themselves whether or not rating him with a 34 percent approval after his eight-year tenure was justified.

The former president feels that it is necessary for people to get a sense of the reasons behind his decisions and actions and said that he would understand if the people still disagree with his actions knowing the situations he has undergone. (ANI)