Historical Bam Ruknuddin Dawla encroached

Hyderabad: Encroachers seems to have left no place for illegally occupying lands with many scams coming to light.The unattended lands are subjected to encroachers big and small preying on these lands.

A historic lake situated in Shivarampally village near Hyderabad, which was earlier reported to be 104 acres in the stretch was built by Nawab Mir Musa Khan the prime minister of the second Nizam. The reservoir water was so clean back then that it would be sent to the Asif Jahi monarchs who went on travelling.

The 240-yr-old Historic Bam RuknudDowla, is being attempted for fresh encroachments. The dumping and levelling of the water bed by unknown miscreants has recently been noticed.

The issue was recently brought to the notice of Revenue authorities when an NGO called Save Our Urban Lakes intervened the illegal process.

According to activist S Q Masood the illegal process is going on since three days without any official knowing about it.

Following which it turns out that action has been taken by the concerned department since the Rajendra Nagar Tehsildar D Nirmala said the illegal activity was stopped on Wednesday but the offenders are yet to be identified.
Though the Hyderabad Metropolitan Urban Development Authority officials have conducted a joint survey in 2011 the activist alleges that the copy of the full tank level demarcation was not issued to them, Times of India reported.