Historic Visit: Barack Obama first US president to visit Cuba

Next month will be a historic visit by US President, as Obama will be the first serving president to land on the soil of Cuba in nearly nine decades.

Obama’s visit in mid-March will be part of a broader trip to Latin America that the White House will announce on Thursday, Obama administration officials told news agencies.

last year Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro announced that they would begin normalising ties after a half-century of Cold War opposition.

On Tuesday, the two nations signed a deal restoring commercial air traffic for the first time in five decades.

According to the State Department, historian’s office President Calvin Coolidge went to Havana in January 1928 to give a speech to the 6th International Conference of American States, which records the foreign travel of presidents and secretaries of state.

President Harry Truman visited Guantanamo Bay, which is controlled by the United States, so that was not considered a state visit, he didn’t meet with any Cuban government officials, according to his presidential library.

Former President Jimmy Carter has paid multiple visits to the island since leaving office.