Historic judgement of the court about Karbala Jor Bagh land

In a historic judgment, Delhi High Court issued orders for the eviction of the wakf land within one month and pay the fine.

According to the details of the case, a major portion of wakf land located at Karbala in Jor Bagh of New Delhi was occupied by Waseem Ahmed, proprietor of Rajdhani Nursery. He was not vacating this land.

A petition was filed in Delhi High Court for the eviction of this land.

The court ordered the eviction of the land and asked the possessor to pay a fine of Rs. 3,88,31,316 plus 18% interest. if the amount is not paid, a fine of Rs.2,14,536 daily would be imposed.
Maulana Kalbe Jawad Naqvi, Showed the copy of the judgment after the Friday prayer at Masjid Qudsia Begum and thanked Allah (SWT).

Mr Syed Bahadur Naqvi, General Secretary of Anjuman-e-Hussiani also thanked Allah (SWT) and declared that the said land would be utilised for welfare activities.