Hiring For Support Engineer in UAE

Job Description:

– Support the Guardium system .This includes monitor the guardium and ensure that it works fine , and do the required activities and communications with MOI and End user to solve any possible problem in the Guardium work
– Support the DataStage ETL job that extract ,process and load the Guardium information from the Guardium Oracle DB into the Cognos System Oracle DB . The support activities includes monitor the ETL job , solve any possible problem, and apply any change as per the MOI requirement
– Support the Cognos system .This includes monitor the Cognos and ensure that it works fine , and do the required activities and communications with MOI and GBM to solve any possible problem in the Cognos work
– Support MOI requests to extract reports related to the Guardium ouput information as per the MOI requirement and to answer any question related to the Gaurdium , ETL job and Cognos reports
– Prepare the MOI Daily reports required in UDB DB information and communicate these reports with the concerned parties as per MOI requirement in daily basis.
– Support the Daily reports PLSQL scripts and DataStage Jobs that runnning daily to generate the reports as per point 5
– Receive MOI requirements for reports based in MOI UDB Database information and build the Required DataStage jobs and PLSQL scripts to generate and export the required reports


System Component
– IBM Guardium
– IBM infoshere DataStage and Data Quality
– IBM Cognos
– Oracle Databases

Must have consulting experience and ideally be based in the region or had experience of Gulf Coast Countries before.

About the Company:

Burdock provides engineering, construction and project management consultancy services to clients worldwide.

With an extensive multi-national and multi-disciplined network of highly experienced professionals and knowledge of local markets, we deliver quality and cost effective services, enhanced technology and sustainability, while helping you reach your success. We cover a wide range of industry sectors, including Oil & Gas, (Petro)Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Utilities, Mining, Civil Building and Infrastructure, Banking and Government Investment Programmes.

Our mission To provide the industry with consultancy services executed by highly-qualified personnel to meet customer demands, and to provide our employees with challenging employment opportunities.

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