Hiring For Senior Executive / Assistant Manager – Quality Assurance

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Dubai, UAE

The Role
• Coordinate Quality Improvement and Infection control activities and integrate the efforts of all disciplines throughout the organization.
• To implement projects for patient outcomes, patient and physician satisfaction by assessing and improving the governance, managerial, clinical and support processes.
• Prepare Organizational Policies, Guidelines, Manuals as per JCI Accreditation standards
• Monitor implementation of these policies throughout the organization.
• Facilitate quality control/ Infection control programs; generating reports and maintaining documentation records.
• Formulate and implementing the area/ department specific policies and SOPs in coordination with the respective department head/Consultant.
• Visit departments & Conduct process reviews and audits and Validation audits as per globally accepted Standards, prescribed Checklists and guidelines.
• Prepare comprehensive report of each visit
• Review the methodology of the collection of data from various departments and varied sources and educate the concerned staff about the correct methodology of the same
• Review critical incident registers & quality registers to cross check the correctness of the data
• Prepare comprehensive report
• Coordinate for processes, documentation and trainings on Accreditations
• Implement Annual Quality Improvement Plan
• Identifying bottlenecks in processes to make the process error free, developing standard operating procedures.
• Identify, implement and monitor the Quality indicators, clinical pathways and Library of Measures in various departments in coordination with the respective HOD.
• Analyze the monthly data’s and analysis/trends of these ????uality i????di????ato????s fo???? p????o????a????le
• Overseeing the Incident reporting process.
• Coordinating with all Quality Committee meetings and maintaining the minutes and work grid of the same.
• Conduct and coordinate various audits/mock audits and to assess the organization deficiencies and develop action plan.
• Preparation of Checklists to use for daily operations to build robust processes
• Coordinate to conduct Tracer Audits and providing end to end solutions for the problems
• Assessing, prioritizing and Initiating Process Improvement projects and hospital quality assurance programs
• Reviews and facilitates due redressal of all Patient grievances related to clinical quality of care, by conducting required root cause analysis and forwarding the appropriate recommendations
• Keep self-abreast with the new regulatory guidelines, best healthcare practices as well as new international quality and patient safety indications and benchmarks and accreditation standards and processes
• Actively collaborates with other Nursing & clinical departments.
• Regularly collects & reports data related to the clinical quality, patient safety, and medication error parameters etc. Through daily/monthly reports.
• Review of the reports & Compilation of data and validated reports received from Units
• Collect & collate the minutes of the Committee meetings in all units and incident reviews
• Do trend & comparative analysis for all units highlighting the upward & downward trend for the quarter and cite the reasons for the same
• Prepare annual report for the calendar year for the department showcasing the past upward & downward trend and cite the reasons for the same
• Visit departments to do a root cause analysis & investigation of the various critical incidents reported & prepare a report for the same
• Update clinical parameters report for departments from time to time
• Train all Nursing staffs in all units on clinical quality parameters which needs to be reported on a daily basis with the correct methodology, preventive measures & corrective measures in case the incidents continue and emphasize the importance of sending reports on a daily basis
• Identify the training needs of the related employees in the units depending upon the incidents reported
• Conduct orientation & reorientation programs for all new staffs on quality
• Conduct BEAT training program for internal staff & public

This role incumbent is responsible for assisting the Chief Quality Officer in contributing to group wide quality initiatives by conducting periodic audit of the Unit and act as a one responsible for driving the activities in the Unit.

Basic Qualification / Education / Vocational Training: Masters in Healthcare Management

Specific / Relevant Experience: NABH, JCI and other accreditation experience

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