Hindutva ideologue Savarkar didn’t think cow was sacred, says Sharad Pawar

Against the backdrop of controversy over beef ban and the recent incident of lynching at Dadri, NCP chief Sharad Pawar on Sunday said that the Hindutva ideologue Vinayak Damodar Savarkar didn’t hold cow as a scared animal.

“Savarkar’s views about Hindutva were taken conveniently by a few people who have narrowed their thought process. Savarkar said that cow is a useful animal, however it can be slaughtered and eaten after it is no longer useful. This stand was not welcomed (by those who swear by him otherwise),” Pawar said.

The former Union Minister was speaking at a function where a book penned by Dr Vivek Korde, ‘Jatiyvadi Rajkarnacha Anwayartha’, was released. Pawar condemned the Dadri lynching incident where a man was killed by a mob on the suspicion of having kept beef at home, and the controversial comment by the RSS mouthpiece on the issue.

“It is very worrisome that a class has come into existence which dictates terms on people’s choice of food. This class also reserves for itself the right to punish those who do not follow their diktat,” he said.

Brainwashing of the youth by extremist organisations must be stopped, he said.

The politics of hatred was aimed at protecting the interests of upper classes, Pawar alleged, adding that the common people were perfectly happy living in harmony.