Hindutava links to Terror Blasts from Bhatkal to Goa

Banglore,October 20: Investigators are probing a Bhatkal angle to the blast that killed two in south Goa on Friday. According to the police, two activists of Sanatan Sanstha, a right-wing Hindu group, were killed in Margao when explosives being ferried in their scooter went off in a traffic jam.

These explosives, investigators say, could be part of the huge cache that was seized from three men in Bhatkal on Saturday. The three — Nagaraja Somaiah Devadiga, Jettaiah Devadiga and Anand Manjunatha Devadiga — had been pedalling explosives to people involved in illegal quarrying.

The coastal security police seized over 1,200 kilos of ammonium nitrate, 3,000 electric detonators and 500 non-electrical detonators from the three. “We have information that the explosives were arriving into Bhatkal from the sea and were being stocked in small villages,” HL Nandish, a coastal security officer told.

According to AR Infant, additional director general of police, the three men are not terror suspects. “We will verify the seizure of the explosives seized to the Goa blasts,” he said.