Hindustan becoming lynchistan

Lynching incidents are on the rise day by day. Though it started by gau rakshaks, the disease has not limited itself to them only. It can be done by anyone anywhere in the country claiming themselves to be nationalists, social guardians or moral police etc. One such example was the lynching of 3 men at Begusarai, Bihar. They were lynched alleging that they had come to kidnap a girl. Villages said that they were armed. But if they were armed why didn’t they shoot in their defence. Whey they silently bore the beating and lost their lives.

Police are also responsible for the rising incidents of mob lynching, who show leniency and negligence in arresting the people involved in mob lynching.

One such example is the case of a minor Muslim boy who was lynched on September 4 by a mob on the charges of theft. Police carelessly believed the story of the killers’ clan and booked the case under section 304 which is imposed if the murder is done unintentionally. When the issue was raised in the Inquilab an Urdu daily, the Delhi police changed the case to section 302 and also arrested other accused.