Hindus will never be a minority in this country: Bhagwat

Kolkata: Hindus will never be a minority in this country and steps should be taken to bring back those who were once Hindus, RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwat said today.

“Hindus will have to tackle this problem themselves. The pessimism that Hindus will become minority in a matter of time should go. In this matter of time, we can do something that this thing does not happen.

“Hindus, who are a majority in the over 120 crore population will never become a minority. Hindus will always be in majority. And whatever you see (population) today, it is going to increase in days to come,” Bhagwat said in an interactive session of a Chamber of Commerce here.

“Those who are Hindus will remain so. And those who were once Hindus… if the top (dhakkan) of the hardliners is removed, then at least 50 per cent of them will come back.

“So those who have gone, we should bring them back, not by greed or coercion but through love and affection,” he said when asked.

Referring to Assam, Bhagwat said RSS has been talking about demographic changes to the state for the past several years.

“We have been talking about demographic changes in Assam even from the time when none of the swayamsevaks were members of gram panchayats. Earlier, the people of Assam themselves were not aware of the demographic problem, but now they are aware of it because of the awareness created by RSS.

“Very soon you will witness a new situation in Assam,” he said but did not elaborate.