Hindu villagers foiled MMRDA bid to demolish mosque, threaten to vandalise temples

Maharashtra: In a village adjacent to Kalyan, Hindus saved a mosque from demolition.

On Tuesday, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) team reached Kona village adjacent to Kalyan to bull dozed the mosque but the people from the Hindus community stopped them from doing so saying that if they raze the mosque they would also vandalise their temples.

The mosque of Kona village was construction in the year 2003. MMRDA had sent a notice on 7 April to mosque committee regarding the demolition. On Tuesday, the team of MMRD reached with 500 police force, two JCB and Poke Lane Machine machines.

As soon as the villagers received the information, they reached the mosques in large number.

The Hindu villagers, including the Sarpanch, told the officials that if they slide even a brick of the mosque, they would themselves demolish the temple and its whole charge would be the head of the administration.

The members of the Hindu community said that the mosque was constructed on NA plot and  the village panchayat has given permission regarding this.

The villagers told the officials that the construction of mosque is valid by showing some documents related to the land. The MMRDA officials were  forced to returned in view of Hindu-Muslim unity.

After this incident, Muslims expressed gratitude to their Hindu brothers.