UP: Hindus form human chain to escort ‘baraatis’ to Nikah venue

Kanpur: In one of the incidents that prove that politics cannot impact the Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb, Hindus formed human chain to escort ‘baraatis’ to Nikah venue in the violence-hit Kanpur.

Anti-CAA protest

Due to protests against Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 and police action against the protesters, Uttar Pradesh is tensed for the past few days.

In such a situation, the marriage of Hasnain Farooquee, a native of Pratapgarh with Zeenat became difficult.

On 21st December, Hasnain called the bride’s family and expressed his concerns over the safety of ‘baraatis’.

Chapadiya sets example of Hindu-Muslim Unity

When Zeenat’s neighbour, Vimal Chapadiya came to know about it, he spoke to Hasnain and gave an assurance of the safety of ‘baraatis’.

On the wedding day, Chapadiya and his friends, Somnath Tiwari and Neeraj Tiwari with the help of other friends formed a human chain to escort ‘baraatis’ to the Nikah venue which was about a kilometre away.

In order to ensure the safety of the bride and groom, they stayed back at the venue till the ‘bidai’.

Later, Chapadiya said that Zeenat is like his younger sister.