Hindu society does not work through fatwas, commandments unlike others: RSS

RSS General Secretary Suresh ‘bhaiyya ji’ Joshi on Wednesday said that unlike other societies where work is done through ‘fatwas’ or ‘commandments’, good traditions in India developed over time and there is no mention of any diktat.

Speaking at an event organised by Delhi unit of Sewa Bharati, the RSS body engaged in social work, Joshi said that India has its own nature and is different from other countries and societies.

Here because of many traditions, good things kept getting propagated in the society, the RSS second-in-command said adding that it is not easy to find who started these traditions as they evolved over time.

“In other societies, the work is done through orders. It is called fatwa and without it work doesn’t get done. There is another ‘samaj’ (society) where they say it is run on the basis of commandments. In Indian context, there was no mention of commandments or orders and traditions kept evolving and people worked after seeing each other,” Joshi said.

He said that “it is a unique feature of Indian, Hindu society” that such a good lifestyle developed here.” Speaking at the gathering which included many people engaged in social work, Joshi said that it is in the nature of Indians to have concerns for others and emphasised that service should be selfless.

“Our saints and thinkers, when they spoke about sewa (service), there was no pretence, scheme, conspiracy, desire or any pettiness behind it,” the senior RSS leader said. He added that the sole thought behind it is that the society had to be strengthened with all self respect so that it increases the prestige of the nation.