Hindu Sena urges PM Modi to impose ban on cow meat in India

New Delhi, Oct. 27 : The Hindu Sena on Tuesday defended its move to file a complaint against the Kerala House for allegedly serving beef and urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to impose a ban on cow meat across the country.

Hindu Sena national president Vishnu Gupta also accused the Kerala House staff of ill-treating its activists.

“Cow meat is banned in North India, this is not Kerala. I urge Prime Minister Modi to impose ban on cow meat all across India so that the people even in Kerala and north-east are unable to consume cow meat,” he told ANI.

He said that the Hindu Sena had lodged a complaint against Kerala House after they got to know that cow meat is being served there.

“I got a call from a friend of mine saying that cow meat is being served in Kerala House. We went there and asked why one item in the menu is written in Malayalam whereas rest is in English. They told me that it is beef curry, I then asked them if it is cow meat and they kept quite. This raised suspicion that they are selling cow meat,” he said.

“Then we complained the matter to Delhi Police. When the police arrived they misbehaved with them, they also ill-treated Hindu Sena workers. Delhi Police instead of taking action against them, they detained two of our members,” he added.

The Kerala Government has lodged a protest against the Delhi Police and Hindu Sena activists, who barged into the Kerala Bhawan protesting against the ‘beef’ that was on the menu.

Congress leader Tom Vadakkan also lashed out at the Delhi Police and accused them of indulging in ‘moral policing’.

According to reports, Delhi Police has claimed that they initiated action after getting a PCR call from a right-wing group. The police went to the Kerala House to carry out a precautionary check, but found nothing. (ANI)