Hindu Sena threatens Ayesha Takiya, husband Farhan Azmi

Mumbai: A Hindu activist group allegedly gave a death threat to Maharashtra Samajwadi Party youth president Abu Farhan Azmi.

Azmi-who is actress Ayesha Takia’s husband-has lodged an FIR on Wednesday against a Rajasthan Hindu activists group, claiming to be from the Hindu Sena. As per his FIR, the group threatened of planting bombs in their vehicles, houses and offices, Indian Express reports.

The group also spoke offensively and used hateful language to the family and to the Muslim community as a whole. It exhibited an intent of inciting communal distress, according to the FIR.

Farhan’s father Abu Asim Azmi, a former member of the Rajya Sabha, also received threats. The FIR was lodged with the Mumbai Police, Commissioner of Police, Mumbai and IPS Deven Bharti.

According to the report, the Hindu group had called up Farhan on Monday night and said: “Ask your father Abu Azmi to stop shouting like an animal else he will be bumped off. Also, tell the son of Owaisi that he too will not be spared.”

They also abused him for marrying Bollywood Actor, Ayesha Takia. “You are all animals. Have you forgotten that you have indulged in Love Jihad by marrying a Hindu girl?” they are alleged to have said. The FIR filed, was shared by Azmi on Twitter.