Hindu Sena performs havan for Donald Trump ‘the saviour of humanity’

New Delhi: United States Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is seen as a staunch opposer of growing Islamic radicalism across the world, has now found support from the right-wing group Hindu Sena, which held prayers here on Wednesday for his victory in the US presidential elections to be held later this year.

A priest chanted hymns and members of the Hindu Sena made offerings to fire, as they sat holding posters of the Republican presidential candidate, with “We love Trump” written in bold letters.

The president of the Hindu Sena, Vishnu Gupta, said Trump was the only “saviour of mankind”.

“The entire world is suffering due to Islamic terrorism. All these bomb blasts across the world are linked to Islamic terrorism. There is only one saviour of mankind and that is Donald Trump. We have done Yagya today and prayed to god that people of the US elect Trump as their Presdent,” Gupta said.