Hindu Sena celebrates 71st birthday of Donald Trump, the ‘saviour of humanity


NEW DELHI: The right-wing group Hindu Sena has celebrated United States President Donald Trump’s birthday to whom they call as the “Saviour of Humanity.”

A big birthday bash was thrown at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on Wednesday. The ceremony was followed by cutting of a cake by Vishnu Gupta, the president of Hindu Sena. As it is Trump’s 71st birthday, the cake weighed 7.1 Kgs.

Gupta said.”Trump has said Muslims should be banned from entering America. Everyone should support that.” He added. “Trump is about to become the king of the world. How will we attack Pakistan without his support?”

The Sena has also organised a photo exhibition, featuring the US President’s pictures since his childhood.

The outfit had even made headlines last year by celebrating his birthday and performing a ‘havan’ praying for his win in US Presidential elections. Some of the members of the group said that they are inspired by the US President’s hard stand against the Islamic terror.