Hindu scriptures have no mention of cow’s holiness: Ram Puniyani

Declaring the rising Hindu fascism as worrisome, the noted writer and social activist of India, Ram Puniyani told that Hindu fascist forces were trying to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of India by declaring cow as the holy animal which had no mention in Hindu scriptures. He was addressing a day long seminar against Hindu Fascism held at ISSR Hall, Central Library, Osmania University, organised by 10 students unions. He further said religious books Vedas have no such injunction as to kill those who use or kill cow. He held Hindu fascist forces responsible for dividing the country in the name of religion and said they are promoting politics of hate.

Ram Puniyani said, ‘It is interesting to note that till 8th century the scriptures called as Hindu scriptures do not have the word Hindu in them. Actually the land on east side of Sindh is called as Hind. Thus the word Hindu began as a geographical category. All those who live in Hindustan are known as Hindus.’

He asserted that followers of any other religion except Hindu religion follow their messenger while Hindus believe in lakhs of deities which clearly shows that they have been fabricated so that at times of need Hindu society could be united on religious grounds and similarly hatred could be created.

The seminar was addressed by Ram Puniyani, B Sudarshan, B Vijay Bharathi, Samba Siva Rao, Shah Jahan, Yogesh Master, D Prabhakar, Srinivas Goud, John Wesley, Vimla Pally Venkat Reddy and K Padma Rao. All the speakers held Hindu fascist forces responsible for rising intolerance on national level which aims at creating fear and terror among Indian minorities, dalits and backward classes so that there should be no interruption in making India a Hindu state.

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