Hindu saves 6 Muslims in Delhi riots, gets critically burned

New Delhi:

Ai hindūo musalmāñ aapas meñ in dinoñ tum

Nafrat ghaTā.e jaao ulfat baḌhā.e jaao

-Lal Chand Falak

While the ruling dispensation made an attempt to revive a Babri Masjid-type massacre in Shiv Vihar, North East Delhi, local Hindus ensured they held onto their age-old unity in diversity.

There were several stories of people from different communities, castes and religions coming out to help each other.

One such case is of Premkanth Baghel. Baghel, a Hindu saw his Muslim neighbour’s house being set ablaze. Knowing that the fire would burn him too, he immediately stepped out to save his Muslim ‘brothers.’

Miscreants threw petrol bombs and torched Muslim homes. “Hindu-Muslim communities live in harmony in Shiv Vihar but the riots brought out a different side,” said Baghel.

Though he succeeded in saving them, Baghel himself suffered 70 per cent burns with no ambulance to take him to a hospital.

With family and friends seeing little chances of his survival, Baghel spent the entire night at his house. In the morning, he was taken to GTB Hospital, where he was given immediate medical attention.

He is now battling for his life as the country prays for his recovery so that he becomes face of ‘Unity in Diversity’.