‘Hindu samskriti’ is our identity: RSS chief

Bengaluru: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat today said “Hindu samskriti (culture)” is India’s identity and that is why it is known as “Hindu Rashtra” even as he stressed on organising those who accept Indian values and cultural system of unity in diversity.

“Hindu samskriti or Bharatiya Samskriti, we have this as our identity. Bharat is not just a name of some part or piece of land. The land keeps increasing or decresing based on how it is being treated. The nature of the society is its ‘samskriti’.

“This is the ‘samskriti’ which binds us all together, thus is our identity and that is the reason it is known as Hindu Rashtra. Not many know and not many believe but it is universally accepted. We all are Hindus as we have accepted the very nature of the ‘samskriti’,” Bhagwat was quoted saying at an event here in an RSS statement.

“We should organize those Hindus who accepts the values and Indian cultural system of unity in diversity, so that they work towards the county’s progress… Groom them with ‘samskars’ so that we see an organised society,” he said.

“Other countries say uniformity is must for unity. We do not believe or even follow it. Uniformity is not compulsory for unity. One must be able to find unity in diversities.

“India has always been one nation despite diversities.

It is also mentioned in Atharva Veda. This culture of unity and diversity binds India.”

Addressing the valedictory ceremony of four-day Akhil Bharatiya Shrung Ghosh Shbir ‘SWARANJALI-2016’ held here, he said: “We all are Hindus as we have accepted the very nature of this culture (of unity in diversity).”

“This culture does not do a differentiation in ways of praying to God or even in the name of the religion, caste sub caste, language.”

Bhagwat said, “The reason for India to be repeatedly invaded by foreigners even before the British arrived was that we were not standing up to our values and the culture of unity in diversity,” he added.

“To inculcate these noble Indian values among people, RSS founder K B Hedgewar started RSS to bring together the entire Hindu community.”

Former ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan said science and technology should address complex and larger issues of relevance with a focus in purpose.

“It is significant to ensure convergence and linkages between all players of value chain so that the benefits reach the ultimate end user in the society. Effective management with emerging technologies, worldwide, will require new directions and innovative solutions,” Radhakrishnan added.