Hindu, Muslim wives donate kidney to other’s husband

Noida: Human blood holds no narrow sectarian boundaries, was proved when a Hindu and a Muslim woman donated one of their kidneys to the other’s husband at a hospital here.

Ekram (29), a resident of Greater Noida, and Rahul Varisht (26), a Baghpat resident, were suffering from kidney ailments and needed kidney transplant.

Since both families had no suitable donor, the men’s lives were at risk. Unfortunately, each wife’s blood group failed to match the husband’s.

Ekram’s wife Razia (24) was B-positive while he was A-positive, whereas Rahul’s wife Pavitra (38) was A-positive but he was B-positive.

“We held separate meetings with both families and informed them that if each woman donates her kidney to the other’s husband, it is possible to save the lives of both patients,” Amit Devra, Senior Kidney Transplant Surgeon at Jaypee Hospital, said in a statement on Monday.

Convinced, both wives agreed to donate a kidney to the other’s husband. A five-hour surgery successfully transplanted the kidneys to both patients.

“The successful exchange of kidneys between Hindu-Muslim families indicates human blood holds no narrow boundaries. Only the human mind holds religious reservations and if humanity takes precedence over sectarian concerns, particularly during medical emergencies, thousands of lives could be saved,” noted Manoj Luthra, CEO Jaypee Hospital.

Both the patients are doing well, the doctors said.