Hindu-Muslim friendship is the best thing you’ll see today

Bhopal: After a few relaxations, migrants were moving to their hometowns and this story is about such migrants who have been suffering the most in these Lockdowns.

Two friends,of which one was hindu and another was Muslim were travelling to their hometown in a truck loaded with another 50-60 labourers.

On their way home, Amrit fell sick and started vomiting. Seeing him vomit, other labourers asked him to drop on the way as they feared he might have Coronavirus. 

Yakub, a friend of Amrit, did not leave him alone and got out of the truck with him. He did not even think about the amount he paid to the truck for travelling home. He didn’t fear Corona and let his friend Amrit rest on his lap. Amrit took his last breath in Yakub’s lap. Nobody came for help, and unfortunately, Amrit died.

Amrit’s body is in hospital for investigation and reports are awaited and is waiting to receives his friend Amrit Kumar’s body and COVID-19 reports at Shivpuri district hospital to perform last rites of Amrit.