Hindu Mahasabha supports TRS, calls KCR protector of Sanatan Dharma

Hyderabad: Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha (ABHM) has decided to extend its full support to TRS and Caretaker CM of TS, Mr. KCR.

Releasing a press statement, the national president of ABHM, Sri Ramanuja Vrathadhara Jeeyar Swamy told that Mr. KCR is struggling hard to protect Hindu Sanatan Dharma after assuming charge as CM of TS. He has set an example for the entire country.

The Swamy also said that despite holding Constitutional Position of secular nature, Mr. KCR boldly worked for the protection of Hindu religion. He organized Yagna for the peace and solidarity of the country and humanity. There is no precedence of this kind throughout the country as a result of which he has been able to attract the attention of the people, Swamy added.


The Swami further told that Mr. KCR renovated Yadadri Temple of Bhongir. CM of TS also got repairs done to Bhadravati, Vemulawada, Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swami, Basara Saraswati and many other old temples.

Through Chief Minister’s Dhupa Deepa Naivedyam Scheme, KCR has been providing financial assistance of Rs. 6000 per month to more than 3000 temples. He is also providing funds for the promotion of Hindu culture and religion. He is also seeking advice from Hindu saints and honouring them. In addition to it, certain festivals are being celebrated officially. Through all these activities, Mr. KCR has proved that he is the protector of Hindu religion and culture.

The Swami in his statement appealed to Hindu community to ensure the success of Mr. KCR so that CM of TS could maintain Dharma.

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