Hindu groups demand renaming of Muzaffarnagar after Allahabad

Hindu groups demand renaming of Muzaffarnagar after Allahabad

Muzaffarnagar: Recently Allahabad was renamed as ‘Prayagraj’ after UP cabinet gave its approval, now BJP is demanding renaming of Muzaffarnagar to Laxminagar.

BJP MLA Kapil Dev Agarwal, from Muzaffarnagar have made claims that Muzaffarnagar was previously known as Laxminagar before Mughals changed it to the existing name, TOI reports.

The saffron party has also put forth the proposal to CM Yogi last year. Speaking to TOI, Agarwal said: “It is not a new demand. In 1983, Vishwa Hindu Parishad had held a yajna in Muzaffarnagar and sought the name change. It’s no longer the Mughal rule, so why should we keep their legacy here?”

The Bajrang Dal party is now holding multiple meetings in rural areas to generate public awareness regarding the same.

Speaking of it, Bajrang Dal’s district convenor Ankur Rana said, “The region was called Laxminagar some 2000 years ago. We have been making efforts for the name change for many years.”

However, Muzaffarnagar’s SD degree College History HOD Ajay Pal Singh said that he is not aware of the district’s ancient name.