Hindu group provides essentials to needy Muslims during Ramadan

Hyderabad: In an attempt to keep the festivities of Ramzan alive, especially in a city that is in lockdown, a few members of the Hindu community in Hyderabad are busy providing essentials to the economically weaker persons from the Muslim community here so that they do not face problems during the holy month.

One of the volunteers, Edla Haribabu Yadav, resident of Musheerabad, while speaking to ANI said: “Because of this lockdown, the poor people are not getting proper food. Since April 24, with our own funds, we have been distributing food and grocery items like rice, dal, wheat, tea powder, chilli powder, turmeric powder, oil, and some other items.”

In order to maintain social distancing, a token is given to every house. “We go to each house and distribute tokens in which a specific time is mentioned. They have to come and collect the essentials as per the time mentioned, without creating a rush,” the volunteer said.

“There is no community bias here, we are distributing kits to everyone here in Musheerabad. If they need any kind of help we are ready to assist. We have planned to do it till May 17; by God’s grace we hope to continue later on as well,” Yadav added.

Sultana, a resident of Musheerabad and one of the recipients of essentials, said: “The distribution of essentials on account of Ramzan is very nice. I am very thankful to the people who took this initiative.”

Asyia, another resident of Musheerabad echoing a similar sentiment said, “Hari Babu and his wife Laxmi are helping us a lot in this Ramzan month. They are fulfilling the needs of everyone and how much ever we thank them it wouldn’t be enough. In this lockdown, there are very few people who are taking care of necessities. I request everyone to pray for them.”